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You are always guaranteed an official football ticket when you buy a travel package to the Rome Derby with us.

Buying tickets on your own to the Rome Derby between AS Roma and SS Lazio at the Olympic Stadium can be difficult. Even though the Olympic Stadium holds 70.000 spectators, there are not many tickets available. Most tickets are allocated to the season ticket holders which means there are very few tickets left in the open sale.

Roma and Lazio share the Olympic Stadium between them. The away team at the derby always get their usual curva (the stand behind the goal) allocated to them. These end stands curvas hold 19,000 fans, leaving 51,000 tickets to the home team.

Ticket prices for the Rome Derby usually starts at 50€ for the cheapest tickets in the curva behind the goal. These ticket will not be available for public sale though. They are reserved for season ticket holders and holders of fidelity cards. Prices for tickets that you will actually have a chance to buy will start at 100-120€. There will usually only be tickets available for the side stand called Tribuna Monte Mario (Olympic Stadium map). Prices for Tribuna Monte Mario go from 110€ and up.

Specific info if AS Roma is the home team: Roma-Lazio tickets or if SS Lazio is the home team: Lazio-Roma tickets.

Buying a football trip to the Rome Derby with us, will guarantee you an official ticket to Tribuna Monte Mario with a great view of the stadium and the pitch.

What is included?
Official Premium Ticket
First Class Hotel
Exclusive Travel Guide
What is included?
Official Premium Ticket
First Class Hotel
Exclusive Travel Guide
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    What is included?

    Official Premium Ticket

    Official AS Roma or SS Lazio Ticket

    We only include official tickets and we always guarantee that your ticket is valid and with a great view. We deliver your ticket as an E-ticket (PDF) that you scan in the entrance (you can scan it from your mobile phone, printing the ticket is not needed).

    Our tickets are always for one of the side stands, either Tribuna Monte Mario or Tribuna Tevere. This guarantees that you have the best view of the pitch and will be able to enjoy the full experience of watching matches at the Olympic Stadium.

    First Class Hotel

    Hotel in Rome City Center

    You will stay in our hand-picked hotels when you travel to Rome with us. We have personally visited and stayed in all the hotels we use, in order to present you with the best possible accommodation experience.

    Furthermore, our hotels are always located next to a metro station (usually Termini - Rome's central station). This makes your visit to Rome much easier. You will be able to move hassle-free around the city and have easy access to train connections, busses and taxis to both airports in Rome.

    Exclusive Travel Guide

    Football Travel Guide to Rome

    Our local tour guide (and fanatical football fan) in Rome is the author of this travel guide to experiencing football in Rome.

    Everything you need to know about exploring the Italian capital as a football fan. The travel guide includes match-day tips, where to go before the games, football sights in Rome, restaurants and bars for football fans, history of the Derby della Capitale and the two football clubs, and much more.

    The travel guide is delivered to you by e-mail as PDF.

    Tickets for Roma-Lazio

    When Roma is playing the Rome Derby as home team, tickets to the game are sold from the official AS Roma website. Roma fans will occupy Curva Sud, which is the stand where the loudest and most passionate Roma fans (ultras) are located. This is likewise where the big choreographies are displayed before the match. Roma fans will also occupy the two side stands. In total, there will be approximately 51,000 Roma fans attending the match.

    The away team, Lazio, will have Curva Nord dedicated to them. This means there will be a total of 19,000 Lazio fans at the game as well. Tickets for Curva Nord are sold on the official SS Lazio website, but they are almost impossible to get a hold of. They are sold exclusively to season ticket holders and fans with fidelity cards (Millenovecento Card or Eagle Card).

    The AS Roma tickets are also sold through a priority system. First to season ticket holders and then to fans with the fidelity card called AS Roma Card.

    The ticket sale will usually begin 2-3 weeks before the match. Any tickets left for the public will normally be put on sale one week before the match. Many times there are no tickets left for the public sale. This means there is little chance of getting a ticket if you do not have an affiliation with one of the clubs.

    But there is hope.

    We are official AS Roma ticket resellers. We can therefore guarantee tickets to any Roma-Lazio derby. Here you find all our AS Roma Football Trips.

    AS Roma official ticket sale:

    Tickets for Lazio-Roma

    When SS Lazio is playing the Rome Derby as the home team, Lazio’s fans will have the following stands available to them: Curva Nord and the two side stands, Tribuna Monte Mario and Tribuna Tevere. For these games, there will be a total attendance of 51,000 Lazio fans. The Curva Nord is the stand where Lazio’s ultras, the most passionate Lazio fans, are located. Curva Nord is famous for displaying some of the most creative and original choreographies in the world of football, and they always create something special for the Rome Derby.

    The away team, AS Roma, will have Curva Sud dedicated at them, bringing a total of 19,000 Roma fans to the game. The tickets to Curva Sud are also sold on the official SS Lazio website, but you will only be able to access this sale with a code which is send firstly to season ticket holders and secondly to holders of the fidelity card called AS Roma Card.

    Lazio usually opens the ticket sale 2-3 weeks before the derby, starting with the priority sale to season ticket holders and then to fans with one of the fidelity cards (Millenovecento Card or Eagle Card). Any leftover tickets are sold to the general public approximately one week before the match. There are usually no tickets left for the general public.

    But fear not, we can help you.

    We can guarantee official tickets to Tribuna Monte Mario to any Lazio-Roma derby. Here you find all our SS Lazio Football Trips.

    SS Lazio official ticket sale:

    Important Information About Italy’s Ticketing Law

    To prevent black market ticketing and reselling of tickets above face value, Italy’s ticketing act requires that all tickets have the name of the owner printed on it, along with the owner’s birthday and country of residence. We require this information from you when you buy a football trip with us. You can bring your ticket either printed on paper or as an e-ticket on your phone.

    But not only do you need to have a ticket with your name, birthday and country of residence on it. You must also bring a valid ID to enter the stadium. We recommend bringing your passport or driver’s licence. You will have to show your ticket along with a matching ID to the stadium stewards. Be aware that they make no exemptions if you have forgotten your ID or if the name on your ticket does not match your ID. In that case, you will not be allowed to enter the stadium. Italian laws are very strict on this matter.

    The Olympic Stadium – home of 70,000 tifosi romani

    The Olympic Stadium is divided into four sections:

    • Tribuna Monte Mario (side stand and VIP-area)
    • Tribuna Tevere (side stand)
    • Curva Sud (AS Roma end stand)
    • Curva Nord (SS Lazio end stand)

    Whatever team is the home team will have the two side stands and their usual end stand (curva) allocated to them.

    Tribuna Monte Mario is named after the small hill which is located behind the stand. The hill took its name from cardinal Mario Mellini who lived there in the 15th century. Tribuna Tevere is named after the Tiber river which passes by the Olympic Stadium. Tevere is the Italian name for the Tiber river. The stands behind the goals are called curvas which refers to the curved shape of stadium.