Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Football Trips booked using Romederby.com

Conclusion of agreement

The agreement is binding for the customer after payment.


Full or partial payment is due at the time of ordering.


Prices are subject to misprints and other obvious errors. Agreements can furthermore be subject to price changes caused by transportation costs, including fuel prices, taxes, duties or fees for certain services such as airport, port, landing or take-off fees, exchange rates used in the calculation of prices and other changes beyond our control. Any price change will be communicated to the customer no later than 20 days before departure.


Trips are non-transferable.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is not included. It is recommended to take out travel insurance that covers treatment in case of illness and repatriation, among other things.

Passport, visa and vaccinations

It is the traveler’s responsibility to have a valid passport, visa and required vaccinations.

The traveler’s responsibility

Every traveler is obliged to comply with the instructions of tour guides or transport company personnel in connection with the execution of a trip. A traveler is liable for any damage caused by violation of instructions or regulations.

The travel participant is obliged to:

  • Respect the rules of order that apply to hotels, transportation, etc.
  • Bear all costs for any damage caused to hotels, means of transportation, etc.
  • Behave in such a way that fellow travelers do not feel inconvenienced.

If a traveler significantly neglects these obligations, Groundhoppingtours.dk reserves the right to exclude the traveler from further participation in the trip, or prevent the traveler from starting the trip. Groundhoppingtours.dk is in that case entitled to appropriate the total price of the trip. If the trip has begun, the travel participant must return home at their own expense without liability for Groundhoppingtours.dk.

It is also the customer’s duty to check before departure that the first and last names in tickets, passports and other documents are correct and match. The name in the airline ticket must be consistent with the name in the passport, otherwise it may lead to rejection when checking in for the flight. Groundhoppingtours.dk assumes no responsibility for the consequences of providing incorrect information.

Our responsibility

Groundhoppingtours.dk’s liability is limited to the amounts our subcontractors used on the trip in question can limit their liability to, according to the international conventions:

  • In the case of air transport: the Warsaw Convention.
  • By sea transport: the Athens Convention.
  • In the case of rail transport: (COTIF/CIF) Convention on International Carriage by Rail.

We are exempt from liability for defects and/or damage to a participant caused by disasters and other events of a force majeure nature, or due to the participant’s own negligence. Furthermore, Groundhopping tours is exempt from liability in the event of cancellation of the trip or failure to fulfill the agreed terms due to external circumstances or third parties, which we, or anyone for whom we are responsible, could not with due diligence have foreseen at the time of the agreement or have entered into or mitigated.


Any claim against Groundhoppingtours.dk shall be governed by Danish law.

Price changes

Groundhoppingtours.dk reserves the right, after the conclusion of the agreement, to change the price both upwards and downwards due to changes in transport costs, including fuel prices, taxes, charges or fees such as airport landing or take-off charges, exchange rates or other circumstances, which Groundhopping Tours has no have the opportunity to take into account in advance. Groundhoppingtours.dk therefore reserves the right to change fees imposed by suppliers.

Other conditions

The trip is carried out in accordance with the conditions for participation in package tours adopted by the Danish Consumer Council. These are available on request. Reservations are made for printing errors in both the catalog and conditions.

Football package tours cannot be changed or cancelled after booking.

Please also note that Groundhoppingtours.dk is not responsible for cancellation/relocation of the match. Additional costs in connection with match relocation will be charged to the traveler. If scheduled matches are moved to another date/time, either due to TV coverage, Cup round or other reasons, the football trip will follow the new match date/time. Groundhoppingtours.dk cannot be held responsible for additional expenses in connection with the relocation of the original football package.


All prices are daily prices and only valid on the day of order. Therefore, prices are subject to change.


Payment can only be made via bank transfer.

Registration is only completed after Groundhoppingtours.dk has received your payment and you have received your tour ticket.

Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal on booked trips.

Subject to change

Groundhoppingtours.dk reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions that apply to this website. It is therefore important and your own responsibility that you keep yourself informed of any changes.